Sunday, July 9, 2017

It Is Time To Try A Single Origin Espresso

By James Cox

The most popular beverage in the world has many different faces. One of them is more and more popular today, and it is called the single origin espresso. It actually means that it is known where it came from, and that it is made using only one of those numerous varieties of coffee. So, let's find a little bit more about it.

When it comes to espresso, there are numerous really popular blends out there, designed especially for this purpose. Every variety has its own particular advantages, special taste and aroma, and some other specific characteristics. It's like a symphony where every musician plays its own part, making a beautiful music together. It's maybe hard to hear every single tone, but the result is really impressive.

On the other hand, single origin beans have their own specific qualities, which in their solo performances come to special emphasis. Therefore, the use of such beads often compares with the solo performance of an instrument. It has a long-lasting quality, but for such performance it is necessary to be a true connoisseur because he needs to know which features should be emphasized and how.

Both different mixtures and single origin beans have their own advantages. When it comes to blends, many are designed for specific use, for example for espresso, cappuccino or ice coffee. When it comes to a completely specific variety, it is difficult to predict whether it will be good for preparing coffee with milk, for example, and the only way to find this is the method of attempts and mistakes.

Particular qualities are best recognizable in one simple espresso cup. Even so, for preparing it, any good barista will have to use his skills. Sometimes a slight modification might result with something entirely different. The amount of water has to be carefully determined, as well as the pressure, and different varieties will make really surprising beverages.

Well. You have to be open-minded. The fact is that most people expect certain taste, something that they are already used to. Here, anything is possible. There are some varieties with chocolate notes, some will be more fruity, some really spicy. Some will rather choose delicate, soft flavors, some will enjoy in robust taste, it's up to you to make your own choice.

These amazingly different tastes might surprise, but you will probably adapt them easily. Remember, this really is a high quality coffee, really aromatic and interesting, and there are so many reasons because more and more people enjoy these new tastes. Some says that it requires some effort to prepare these first few cups, but, all in all, everyone will find something to suit his taste there.

Some varieties are best in simple, ordinary espresso, and some will fit perfectly in your morning cappuccino. It mainly depends on your particular taste, nothing else. Make your own selection, try them out, decide which ones you prefer, and enjoy in these lovely new flavors. You could even combine some of them to make your own specific blends, to make this whole experience even more memorable.

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